September Meet & Greets and Volunteering Opportunities for TYE!

Come Out and Join Tye – Let’s take this Campaign Over the Finish Line!

We’ve got just about two months left and our success depends on you, literally!

Lacey Area Meet and Greet Fundraiser
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hosts: Sandra and Fred Romero
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Location: 2023 Westlake Dr SE
Lacey WA 98503
RSVP: 360-357-8131

Yelm Area Meet and Greet Fundraiser
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hosts: Steve Kline
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Location: Yelm Community Center
301 2nd Street
Yelm, WA 98503

Doorbelling/Lit Drop Picnic!
Saturday, September 29, 2018

Host: Tye Menser and his campaign team
Time: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Where: William Bush Park
4400 Chardonnay Dr SE
(near Yelm Highway & Corporate Center Dr SE)
Lacey, WA

Please come enjoy food, political camaraderie and help Tye cover ground in Lacey with doorbelling and/or a lit drop if no one answers the door.

Make this one YOUR Priority!

Tye wants to mobilize community resources to solve problems, not just monitor them.

He believes we can plan for growth, use innovative approaches to criminal justice that will save money, and tackle homelessness and addiction/mental health issues.

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Tye Won the Primary – On to November!

Thank YOU for turning out big time in the primary!

Tye is one of the two finalists in the primary and will go head to head with the incumbent in November.

Can you see that large blue wave on the horizon? We can!

Let’s celebrate!

Come out and bask in our victory. Share an evening of fun, food, politics and jazz provided by The Committee, featuring Riley McLaughlin on keys, Donna Andrews on vocals, and Fred Kellogg on bass.

Hosted by: Nathaniel and Kathy Jones
When: Friday, August 17, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: 3530 Morse Merryman Road SE, Olympia, 98501

We’re going to need your help this fall

Think about giving us some of your time, money or both. A vibrant democracy depends on you.

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Statement from Melissa Denton

I have the utmost respect for my legal colleague and friend, Melissa Denton, who ran a good campaign and helped me spread the message that Thurston County needs change. I am humbled to have her support and pledge to give everything I have towards putting a Democrat back on the County Commission. – Tye

Statement from Melissa Denton:

“I am conceding the race. With the additional votes counted tonight, the math says that I will not be one of the top two candidates for County Commissioner. I am so very grateful for the support from so many loving people in this election. Most of the supporters who have helped me are new to politics and yet they worked very hard. Being in six parades was fun!

To those who supported me and are disappointed that I did not win, I sure do feel your pain. Let’s turn the energy from that disappointment into determination to help Tye Menser become the next Thurston County Commissioner for District 3. Tye and I have shown the utmost respect to each other during this campaign, despite each striving very hard to win more votes. We are both professionals and have always faced off courteously, before in the courtroom, and now on the ‘battlefield of politics’.

The relationship that I’ve had with Tye during this tough election is proof that he will be able to work well even when he disagrees with others. He has my support and advice when he wants it. Tye will work productively with the other commissioners, even though they have become used to having our county under the control of three Republicans who call themselves Independents.

Tye Menser will respect and honorably represent all of our Thurston County neighbors as our next County Commissioner for District 3. I ask you to join me in working hard to help him win this election.”

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Letter to the Editor – Thurston County commissioner primary choice easy

The Olympian – August 1, 2018

Friday’s editorial noted that Commissioner Bud Blake knows less about the county budget than challenger Tye Menser and that Blake and his ‘Independent’ conservative seatmates have been spending down the reserves since assuming office.

The prior Board of Commissioners — all Democrats — did the hard work rebuilding a sustainable county budget after the financial implosion of 2008-2009, only to have these three conservatives plow through the county reserve fund. “(Tye) Menser demonstrates a better grasp of the money issue than Denton or Blake,” the endorsement editorial said.

Menser has the “right stuff.” His education, experience and dedication to getting it right will serve our county well. Tye Menser gets my vote now and in November.

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Letter to the Editor – County commissioners inaccurately labeled ‘independent’

On paper, we have three “independent” Thurston County commissioners. Don’t be fooled — they’re all Republicans. Their campaign donor lists should convince you of that. Led by Bud Blake, the commission has lurched from one foolhardy decision to another.

Take the Mazama pocket gopher issue. Blake’s predecessors were on a steady path toward completing a habitat conservation plan that would have enabled many south county land owners to develop their property without multiple costly inspections for signs of gopher activity and delays in issuing permits.

When Republicans took over the commission in 2016, they derailed work on the plan. Now, with the 2018 elections looming, Blake and company suddenly see the light and are furiously working on a habitat conservation plan. If you own property in gopher habitat, these commissioners have needlessly cost you considerable time and money.

Voters have an opportunity this year to dump Blake and send a strong message to the other two commissioners. Luckily, a terrific candidate has stepped up to take him on: Tye Menser.

Tye has impressive credentials (graduated with honors from Harvard, law degree from University of California-Berkeley, a 20-year legal career). Equally impressive are his quick grasp of complex issues, strong work ethic, and commitment to ensuring a fair balance between property rights and environmental protections.

I’m voting for Tye Menser on Aug. 7. So should you!

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Letter to the Editor – Not just a candidate for Democrats

The Olympian – July 28, 2018

Contrary to what a previous writer stated about Democrats backing the wrong candidate, Tye Menser may be a Democrat but he is working for all Thurston County residents, not simply Democrats. Voters need to know that Tye has dedicated his life to providing justice to under-served families and communities as a lawyer. He is very modest about his credentials as a Harvard and University of California Berkeley graduate and the honesty and character he shows.

Tye has shown me that he is highly intelligent, knows the issues facing the county and wants to serve the public’s interest, not just the business community and real estate developers. He has the courage and strength to stand up to those whose myopic vision does not serve the needs of the majority of Thurston County residents. He will be an excellent commissioner for Thurston County because he is a man of strong and ethical character. As a retired professor of public administration, I find it refreshing to encounter an ethnical and highly capable public servant as Tye Menser, and I urge county voters to join me in backing him against the establishment.

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Olympian Editorial Board Endorsement

The Olympian – July 27, 2018


“Our county needs more diverse representation.”

… “Samuel ‘Tye’ Menser looks the most ready for the job. He is a Democrat and a defense lawyer. The California native has moved around, working for a time in Alaska, and he holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of California.”

… “Menser wields a policy wonk’s grasp of details. Our county government could use a commissioner more attuned to policy ins-and-outs and less apt to gloss over the impacts of county decisions.”

… “None of the leading candidates is advocating for new taxes, but Menser demonstrates a better grasp of the money issue than Denton or Blake.”

… “Based on interviews, Menser sounds most willing to bring cities and the county together in a more regional approach to improving housing affordability and helping the homeless.”

… “Bud Blake and Tye Menser offer voters a clear choice in November — between one candidate who is more conservative and one who is more liberal. The debate their differences trigger is one our county voters need to have.”

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Tye’s Primary Push – Help Him Win!

It’s been a BIG week for Tye!

with four new endorsements from:
Renata Rollins – Olympia City Council,
Jessica Bateman – Olympia City Council,
Tom Oliva – Tumwater City Council and
South Puget Sound Carpenters Local No. 129

See the full list of endorsers

Read Council Member Rollins’ endorsement statement

Plus Tye very successfully completed 3 forums with the other candidates!

Tye’s working hard for you
and needs your help in these last weeks before the primary!

Please join us for any or all of the following:

  • Phone and text banking
  • Sign waving
  • Literature drops
  • Walking in a parade
  • Attending a fundraiser

Our Revolution-Sponsored Phone and Text Banking Sessions
Wednesday, July 25,
Friday, July 27,
Tuesday, July 31, and
Friday August 3
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: Lisa Parshley’s house at 1014 4th Ave. E., Olympia (corner of 4th Ave. and Eastside St.)
Intro and training at 5:30 and 6 pm
Each caller needs to have a cell phone and a computer
Calls will be for both Our Revolution’s endorsed candidates: Tye Menser and Victor Minjares

Sign Waving
Thursday, July 26, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Meet at the corner of Cooper Point and Black Lake Blvd
If there are a lot of us a second group will be asked to go to Trosper and Capitol
We will wave again and again on:
Friday, August 3, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Monday, August 6, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Tuesday, August 7, 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Walk with Tye – Tenino’s Oregon Trails Day Parade Saturday, July 28
Meet at Parkside Elementary School at 9:30 am
Parade starts 11 am
Join us and wear a Tye t-shirt, wave a yard sign, smile at the crowd, and hand out candy!
Literature Drop Saturday, August 4
9 am, Safeway, 520 Cleveland Ave SE, Tumwater, WA 98501
Meet us at the very south end of the parking lot (near Capitol and North St.)

Olympia Area Meet and Greet Fundraiser
Thursday, August 2
Host: Kathy & Larry Gilliam
5:00 – 7:00 pm
1102 8th Avenue, SE, Olympia, 98502
RSVP: 360 951-1155

Literature Drop
Saturday, August 4
9 am, Safeway, 520 Cleveland Ave SE, Tumwater, WA 98501
Meet us at the very south end of the parking lot (near Capitol and North St.)

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Letter to the Editor – Menser is the right choice for commissioner

Please join me in supporting Tye Menser for Thurston County Commissioner. Tye is the superior candidate and the strongest Democrat running for this position. Don’t be fooled by two candidates choosing to run as “Independents.” They are Republicans who won’t admit their true party preference. Why is this? We all should support truth in packaging.

The current all Republican board of commissioners derailed work on a habitat conservation plan that would have enabled rural land owners to develop their property without multiple costly inspections for signs of gopher activity. Their actions have delayed permits. They also have diverted Conservation Future monies to pay for gopher costs. Tye will work to restore Conservation Future monies to their dedicated purpose of protecting critical conservation areas.

Tye is the most qualified candidate. He graduated with honors from Harvard, received a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and has had a 20-year career as an attorney. He is a quick learner with a grasp of complicated issues. Tye has become well versed in county government and how it must work cooperatively with cities and towns. He is committed to ensuring a fair balance between property rights and environmental protection.

The current board of commissioners have expended the county reserve monies. Tye will work to reestablish these reserves that will be needed in bad economic times.

Please vote for Tye Menser for county commissioner.

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Statement from Renata Rollins

BY RENATA ROLLINS, Olympia City Council

So I wasn’t planning to endorse in the Thurston County Commission primary race, but after watching the candidate forum this morning at South Sound Senior Center downtown, I am compelled to offer my support to Tye Menser during this crucial window while ballots are out and voters are making decisions.

There are four candidates in this race. Tye was beyond comparison. Breadth and nuance, attention to data, and a holistic approach to the challenges our County Commission is responsible for addressing, such as water quality; policies for thoughtful, conscious growth; and developing a county budget reflective of our community’s priorities and values, particularly around law and justice, social services, and the environment.

What really caught my attention, though, was Tye didn’t talk like he was some great amazing guy who had thought of everything, had all the brilliant ideas and invented the wheel, too. He properly acknowledged the community agencies and partners who are already engaged in the kinds of solutions he wants to support. He talked about what is possible through these kinds of relationships.

This is the kind of humility, respect, and community-mindedness I want to see in public servants. Tye is smart, open, deliberative, and communicates clearly. Of course as an elected official I will gladly work with any county commissioner toward solutions, but I hope you will support Tye Menser for Thurston County Commission! Now turn in those ballots!!!

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