Tye’s campaign is supported by all sorts of people – from lawyers who have worked with him and people who volunteered on the County’s Water Conservancy Board along with him to the bluegrass musicians he’s played with for years. If you’d be willing to add your name to the list, please contact the campaign…

Organizations :
Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Local 443
Thurston-Lewis-Mason Central Labor Council
Washington Legislative District 2 Democrats
International Association of Firefighters Local 2409 – Tumwater Union Firefighters

Officials :
Carolyn Cox – Lacey City Council
Pete Kmet – Tumwater Mayor
EJ Zita – Olympia Port Commissioner
Lisa Parshley – Olympia City Council
Cynthia Pratt – Lacey City Council
Michael Althauser – Tumwater City Council
Leatta Dahlhoff — Tumwater City Council
Sue Gunn – Former Port Commissioner
Karen Valenzuela – Former County Commissioner
Jim Lazar – Former Thurston PUD Commissioner
Karen Messmer – Former Olympia City Council
TJ Johnson – Former Olympia City Council
Kyle Taylor Lucas – Former Tumwater City Council
Gary Cooper – Former PUD Commissioner
Sharon Kophs – Lacey Planning Commission
Joel Hansen – Tumwater Planning Commission

And the following Thurston County voters:

Jordan Morris, Joshua Grice, Jon-Mikel Gates, Sarah Segall, Steve Segall, Steve Klein, Thad Curtz, Helen Wheatley, Kevin McManus, Nancy Armstrong, Bev Bassett, Dane Farrell, Robert Jeffers, Michael Garrity, Elise Richman, Wendy Tanner, Pat Delaney, Mark Toy, Joel Hansen, Doug Riddel, Kathleen O’Shaunessy, Katherine Package, Tracy Carlos, Kasia Pierzga, Lisa Ceazan, Jon Ceazan, Dave Edwards, Tony Wilson, Cheryl Wilson, Jane Habegger, Bill Lynch, Krag Unsoeld, Loretta Seppanen, Trevor Zandell, Phyllis Booth, Jeff Booth, Don Kraege, Warren Kronenberg, Ester Kronenberg, Paul Peck, Mindy Chambers, Sky Meyers, Peggy Zimmerman, Allen Zimmerman, Kati Thompson, Renee Martine-Tebow, Joanne McCaughan, Chris Carson, Janine Lindsey, Megan Rue, David Reynolds, Lisa Reiner, John Newman, Ann Vandeman, Katrina Wynkoop Simmons, John Van Eenwyk, Juliet Van Eenwyk, Peggy Bruton, Alex Frix, Yona Makowski, Kela Hall-Wieckert, and Zena Hartung.