Help Elect Tye!

A county-wide political campaign has to have volunteers to succeed – lots and lots of volunteers! All sorts of work needs to be done. Successful campaigns have to be enjoyable, too! (Otherwise very few people would stick with them.) Please – sign up to help elect Tye, and restore some balance to our County Commission!

(For a map of the districts, click here.)


Election information

Only voters who live in Commissioner District No. 3 may vote on this race in the Primary Election. All voters in Thurston County will vote on it in the November General Election.

August 7 – Primary Election Day for Candidates for County Commission from District Three

  • Tye will be running against three other candidates in the primary.
  • The two candidates with the most votes will advance to the General Election.
  • Ballots are sent out on July 18th.

November 6 – General Election Day

  • The two candidates with the most votes in the primary will be on the ballot.