Letter to the Editor – Tye Menser best for County Commissioner

The Olympian – July 14, 2018

Tye Menser stands head and shoulders above other candidates for Thurston County Commissioner. He’s intelligent, hard-working, and his heart is in the right place.

I especially appreciate his positions on environmental issues. For example, he wants to restore the Conservation Futures land preservation program, which protects open spaces, timberlands, wetlands, animal habitat areas, culturally significant sites, and agricultural lands within Thurston County.

The current commissioners put the program on hold in 2017 and are intent on diverting these taxpayer dollars to pay for a habitat conservation plan for the pocket gopher. This is short-sighted at best.

The national Trust for Public Land measures and analyzes the economic impacts of land conservation. Their studies show conservation returns $4 to $10 for every dollar invested. It provides recreational opportunities while protecting drinking water quality, wildlife habitat, and farms, and supporting industries such as tourism, agriculture, and fisheries.

Tye understands this and will work to balance the need to protect environmentally sensitive areas with individual property rights.

The natural beauty we hold dear in Thurston County is threatened by population growth pressures and by the backward policies of current commissioners. We have a chance to put the brakes on their disregard for the environment by replacing one of the commissioners this year.

The primary election is Aug. 7. Please join me in voting for Tye Menser, the most qualified candidate and our best hope for getting the county back on track with managing growth and protecting our natural assets.

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