Letter to the Editor – Tye Menser will protect our environment

As a longtime resident of Thurston County, I have been tracking the upcoming election for County Commissioner. I’ve had a chance to hear Tye Menser speak at four public gatherings, and I have been impressed.

I like his clearly expressed plans for meeting challenges posed by population growth, climate change, shrinking financial resources, and endangered natural resources.

Tye Menser cares that our county has clean water and clean air, and I’m convinced that he will take needed actions to protect them. He supports restoring funding for the Thurston Conservation District, which provides direct technical, non-regulatory assistance to agricultural landowners and to organizations supporting conservation efforts, such as salmon recovery.

By contrast, his inactivist opponent, incumbent Bud Blake, has a poor record on the environment. Example: in June 2018, Blake abstained from voting on whether to support regional carbon reduction goals. That’s climate negligence!

Tye supports innovative approaches to crime, such as expanding therapeutic courts, mental health mobile outreach, and law enforcement-assisted diversion (LEAD) programs.

I encourage the readers of The Olympian to read Tye’s platform for County Commissioner at tyeforthurston.com. Please vote for Tye in the Aug. 7 primary.

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