Olympian Editorial Board Endorsement

The Olympian – July 27, 2018


“Our county needs more diverse representation.”

… “Samuel ‘Tye’ Menser looks the most ready for the job. He is a Democrat and a defense lawyer. The California native has moved around, working for a time in Alaska, and he holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of California.”

… “Menser wields a policy wonk’s grasp of details. Our county government could use a commissioner more attuned to policy ins-and-outs and less apt to gloss over the impacts of county decisions.”

… “None of the leading candidates is advocating for new taxes, but Menser demonstrates a better grasp of the money issue than Denton or Blake.”

… “Based on interviews, Menser sounds most willing to bring cities and the county together in a more regional approach to improving housing affordability and helping the homeless.”

… “Bud Blake and Tye Menser offer voters a clear choice in November — between one candidate who is more conservative and one who is more liberal. The debate their differences trigger is one our county voters need to have.”

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