Statement from Melissa Denton

I have the utmost respect for my legal colleague and friend, Melissa Denton, who ran a good campaign and helped me spread the message that Thurston County needs change. I am humbled to have her support and pledge to give everything I have towards putting a Democrat back on the County Commission. – Tye

Statement from Melissa Denton:

“I am conceding the race. With the additional votes counted tonight, the math says that I will not be one of the top two candidates for County Commissioner. I am so very grateful for the support from so many loving people in this election. Most of the supporters who have helped me are new to politics and yet they worked very hard. Being in six parades was fun!

To those who supported me and are disappointed that I did not win, I sure do feel your pain. Let’s turn the energy from that disappointment into determination to help Tye Menser become the next Thurston County Commissioner for District 3. Tye and I have shown the utmost respect to each other during this campaign, despite each striving very hard to win more votes. We are both professionals and have always faced off courteously, before in the courtroom, and now on the ‘battlefield of politics’.

The relationship that I’ve had with Tye during this tough election is proof that he will be able to work well even when he disagrees with others. He has my support and advice when he wants it. Tye will work productively with the other commissioners, even though they have become used to having our county under the control of three Republicans who call themselves Independents.

Tye Menser will respect and honorably represent all of our Thurston County neighbors as our next County Commissioner for District 3. I ask you to join me in working hard to help him win this election.”

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