Statement from Melissa Denton on misleading mailer

“On Saturday, I learned that some of my friends had received a mailed brochure that misuses my name and tries to confuse everyone who might consider themselves progressive. The mailer also appears to be intended to annoy and energize those who dislike progressives and particular politicians. All of us define progressive and other political identity words differently.

The sole clearly intended beneficiary of the mailer, paid for by Republican money, is Bud Blake. The mailer, which is paid for by the same kind of Republicans who support his campaign.

In the middle of January, I had lunch with E.J. Zita to talk with her about my interest in possibly running for Thurston County Commissioner. At the end of our discussion, she mentioned that she had heard of another person who was interested in running as a Democrat. She said he is a lawyer and she thought his name was Tye, but she had not met him yet. That was the first I had heard that Tye might be planning to run and I already knew him from being lawyers together in this community. A week or so later, Zita called me and said that she is supporting Tye’s candidacy and she has done so ever since.

Several people who know me have reached out about this brochure because my name is on it. The author of that brochure did not have my permission to use my name and they wrote misleading things about me as well as about Tye and Zita. I object to the misuse of my name and to the misleading statements on this very dirty politics document. It is offensive in the extreme and I hope that the Public Disclosure Commission complaint already made against the author is successful.

As I said when I conceded the close race where the only Republican, Bud, and the only other Democrat, Tye, got more votes than me, I fully support Tye in his race to be our next County Commissioner. He cares about all of the people in our county and about our environment and our economic success and preserving the good things about our way of life here. Please vote for Tye. Don’t let these dirty politics succeed in our community. We deserve better. We deserve Tye.”

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