Statement from Renata Rollins

BY RENATA ROLLINS, Olympia City Council

So I wasn’t planning to endorse in the Thurston County Commission primary race, but after watching the candidate forum this morning at South Sound Senior Center downtown, I am compelled to offer my support to Tye Menser during this crucial window while ballots are out and voters are making decisions.

There are four candidates in this race. Tye was beyond comparison. Breadth and nuance, attention to data, and a holistic approach to the challenges our County Commission is responsible for addressing, such as water quality; policies for thoughtful, conscious growth; and developing a county budget reflective of our community’s priorities and values, particularly around law and justice, social services, and the environment.

What really caught my attention, though, was Tye didn’t talk like he was some great amazing guy who had thought of everything, had all the brilliant ideas and invented the wheel, too. He properly acknowledged the community agencies and partners who are already engaged in the kinds of solutions he wants to support. He talked about what is possible through these kinds of relationships.

This is the kind of humility, respect, and community-mindedness I want to see in public servants. Tye is smart, open, deliberative, and communicates clearly. Of course as an elected official I will gladly work with any county commissioner toward solutions, but I hope you will support Tye Menser for Thurston County Commission! Now turn in those ballots!!!

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