Tye Will Serve Military Families

Rental rates are skyrocketing in Thurston County. As a result, over a third of our families face losing their homes.

Military and civilian families struggle economically. Poverty is spiking among households with children, and we have more than 1,600 homeless students in our schools. Our jail is overcrowded because we don’t have adequate mental health and addiction treatment resources in our community. Our county needs more employment opportunities that support living wages, and promote economic prosperity at all levels and stages of career development. We can and must do better for our working families!

Service: I’ll repair strained relationships with our cities to solve major regional social issues and facilitate community consensus.
Stewardship: I’ll renew responsible financial management, enhance water quality, and protect agricultural land.
Solutions: I’ll lead the county in implementing its vision for a sustainable Thurston.

I will work collaboratively with public and private partners to create long-term solutions to the challenges our young people and young families face. I’ve spent two decades working with the most vulnerable community members through my public defense work. I helped my clients get back on their feet after struggles with a variety of life challenges.

I want to put my experience to work for you, and help create policies that will lend a hand to our working families and those seeking work. Vote for me so I can create solutions that serve you!

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