Tye’s on Your Side

We'll get the county's finances back in the black, create a fair balance between conservation and property rights, and save you time and money by solving the gopher habitat issue once and for all!

Tye Menser will bring service, stewardship, and solutions to the County Commission.

As your County Commissioner, I will…

Restore our financial health. Just two years ago, we were blessed with a budget surplus. Since then, commissioners have been spending through our rainy-day fund. This mismanagement cripples the county’s ability to provide you essential services, like fast law-enforcement response. I will bring financial responsibility back to Thurston County!

Promote efficiency and solve problems. Thurston County often works at cross-purposes with cities on key issues like housing and business development. I will ensure the county works efficiently with our communities on behalf of all residents.

Solve the pocket gopher problem. The endangered Mazama pocket gopher has been a thorn in the side of property owners for years. Under my opponent’s leadership, commissioners dragged out a losing battle with the federal government over creating a conservation plan. I will see that a workable gopher plan finally gets done and solves this problem forever!

Tye has real expertise, and brings intelligence and enthusiasm for open, effective government. Tye has a degree in Government from Harvard and a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. For 20 years he has been a criminal defense and family law attorney, and his work includes public defense for the citizens of Thurston County. He also plays banjo with the Oly Mountain Boys bluegrass band.

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